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Significant Books for Pastors in 2017


“Real reading of real books, reading designed to augment the reader’s creative strength, never loses it power.” Wise words from David Mikics, who wrote Slow Reading In a Hurried Age to help us slow down and reap the rewards that careful reading brings. My focus in this post is “real books” for pastors—not necessarily “best books&rd...

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Michael Reeves to teach at the Pastors College


The Reformation, March 6-9, 2018, taught by Michael Reeves. We can think of no more relevant topic to explore in the coming year, and no more qualified person to teach it. Mike is an esteemed church historian who has written broadly on several topics, but especially on the Reformation.  Mark Dever called his book, The Unquenchable Flame: Discovering th...

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Meet the Class of 2018


The men of the Pastors College Class of 2018 have arrived and with them much exuberance, laughter, and joy. We are only two weeks into the new academic year, but already we find ourselves deeply grateful for these men, their wives, and their families. I wish I could personally introduce you to each one of them – the picture below will have to suffice for now. Here&rs...

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Significant Books for Pastors in 2016


As another year draws to a close, it’s worth reflecting upon moments with the potential to shape minds, lives, and ministries—in this case, the publication of books during 2016. There is no shortage of “best books” lists, and any such list by definition reflects one’s personal preferences and biases. But the goal of this list is once again to ...

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Meet the Class of 2017


It’s fair to say that the most exciting time of the year around the Sovereign Grace offices is when a new Pastors College class rolls in and the workplace is transformed from the quiet of familiar routine to the exuberance of warm introductions, new relationships, and long-anticipated beginnings. This year is no exception. Twelve students and their wives made their ...

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Study Romans with Doug Moo


We are pleased to announce that Dr. Douglas Moo is scheduled to teach for the first time in the Pastors College this coming year. He will be teaching a special course on Paul’s letter to the Romans on December 13-16, 2016. With his Romans commentary in the NICNT series, Dr. Moo has established himself as one of the world’s foremost commentators on this letter, ...

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Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood


I want to encourage all of those attending the Together for the Gospel conference in April to consider making a strategic addition to your schedule while in Louisville. Once again, the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) will be hosting a pre-conference event on the Monday-Tuesday prior to T4G. This year’s conference is titled The Beauty of Complementari...

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Significant Books for Pastors in 2015


A few years ago I wrote a post that has become a habit—collecting a list of “significant books” for pastors published during the past year. A wealth of books and the crunch of time conspire to make reading choices both frustrating (how does one choose?) and critical (I must choose wisely). “Best books” lists are unavoidably idiosyncratic&mdas...

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D.A. Carson & Sam Storms To Teach in the Pastors College

As I announced at our recent Pastors Conference, each year the Pastors College offers special courses in addition to our regular curricula, that strengthen our program and provide ongoing training for our existing pastors. We are looking forward to having both D.A. Carson and Sam Storms teach this academic year. Dr. Carson will be doing a special course on the book of Reve...

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Meet the Class of 2016

The peaceful summer quiet of the Sovereign Grace offices has been abruptly and loudly interrupted—and we couldn’t be more grateful. The men of the Pastors College Class of 2016 have arrived, and with them much exuberance, laughter, and joy. And eagerness. And love for the Scriptures. And a hunger for spiritual growth. And relational intentionality. And a passio...

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Pray for Our Expository Preaching Practicum

Jeff evaluating 309.JPG

This week we have the privilege of hosting our fourth Expository Preaching Practicum designed to serve the pastors of Sovereign Grace Churches. We invited 18 of our pastors for three intense days of preaching, evaluation, and discussion, with the goal of serving and equipping these men as they seek to preach God’s word with precision and passion. I am leading the pr...

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The Cross and the Resurrection

Stone at 309

The following questions highlight a series of blog posts Jeff Purswell wrote back in 2010 addressing common questions about how Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection relate to each other in Scripture. We thought they would be timely encouragements as we prepare to celebrate Easter Sunday!      1: Will focusing on the cross lead us to neglect the res...

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Snapshots of Pastors College Graduates: Rich Richardson

SG Pastors College Logo BPFI

Over the past weeks, we’ve been sharing some reflections on the Pastors College by past students (see posts 1 and 2). We hope these glimpses into the lives of former students who are now serving as pastors will be inspiring to those considering sending a student to the college, or perhaps coming themselves. This third snapshot is written by Rich Richardson, who gradu...

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D.A. Carson and Sam Storms to Teach at the Pastors College

Carson and Storms BPFI

We are pleased to announce that both D.A. Carson and Sam Storms are scheduled to teach in the Pastors College for the upcoming academic year. Dr. Carson will be doing a special course on the book of Revelation, while Dr. Storms will be teaching Pneumatology, one of our core systematic theology courses. In addition to speaking at a number of Sovereign Grace conference...

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Snapshots of Pastors College Graduates: Bruce Chick

SG Pastors College Logo BPFI

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing with you a series of snapshots—brief glimpses into the lives of men who have attended the Pastors College. It is most encouraging to hear how that experience has shaped them and how it is now serving them in their ministry roles in Sovereign Grace churches. As we look forward to next year, please pray with us that the Lo...

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Notable Books for Pastors in 2014

Notable Books for Pastors BPFI

One thing is certain: You are a different person today than you were at the beginning of the year because of something you read. If you’re a pastor, that means you think, worship, teach, and counsel differently. Much is at stake in the books we choose to read. Because of this, last year I posted a list of significant books of 2013 for pastors. As this year comes to ...

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The Kindness of God at Our Pastors College Graduation

The Kindness of God at Our Pastors College Graduation BPFI

This past Sunday, the Class of 2014 graduated from the Sovereign Grace Pastors College. The Lord has been faithful to us in many ways. His grace which sustained and strengthened these men throughout the year was on vivid display at their graduation. Consider, for instance, this email from a friend of one of our graduates, who traveled from Iowa to attend the ceremony: ...

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Jeff Purswell's List of Significant Pastoral Books Published In 2013

Jeff Purswell's 2013 Book List BPFI

The end of a year brings forth endless lists - “best of,” “worst of,” “most significant,” “most over-rated” - one last chance in the year for people to publish their opinions. Some lists are more useful than others, and for pastors, book lists are doubtless the most interesting.  Any such list, by definition, refle...

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