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Music & Ministry


This past July (11th-19th), I had the joy of leading 24 people from four Sovereign Grace Churches* in an E-team to our sister church in Nassau, Bahamas. This was a glorious gospel partnership with Kingdom Life Church as we set out to create a weeklong music day camp that would gather Bahamian children with hopes of sharing the love and gospel of Christ while encouraging mu...

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Meet the Class of 2016

The peaceful summer quiet of the Sovereign Grace offices has been abruptly and loudly interrupted—and we couldn’t be more grateful. The men of the Pastors College Class of 2016 have arrived, and with them much exuberance, laughter, and joy. And eagerness. And love for the Scriptures. And a hunger for spiritual growth. And relational intentionality. And a passio...

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Rooted & Built Up - Kingston, Jamaica


I want to introduce you to two friends of mine, Joel Bain and Sheldon Campbell. I met Joel and Sheldon a year ago in Kingston, Jamaica. These two, gospel-centered, theologically-discerning young men reached out to Sovereign Grace, asking for a meeting so we could get to know one another. They wanted to explore what it would look like for them to be equipped to plant a Sove...

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Redeemed to Recruit


I bleed green. That's what we say in Philly about our radical allegiance to our professional football team, the Eagles. When they are winning—I bleed green. When they are losing—I bleed green. I'm a diehard fan. When I started dating my wife she didn't have a team allegiance. I went to work on changing that. She's been bleeding green now for over 15 years. W...

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2015 Mission Fund Video #3: Grace Church Bristol

2015ukmissionvid blog

Dear friends, I am eager for you to see the third quarter Sovereign Grace Mission Video for 2015. This video captures some of what God is doing in our church in Bristol, England, as well as how He met the pastors and people gatherd in Bath, England for WorshipGod UK several weeks ago. I hope that as you watch this video, you are reminded of how God is at work all over our...

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Celebrating God’s Work in Mexico


Last week an important and strategic pastors conference was held in Juarez, Mexico. The Fieles a Su Llamado 2015 conference was held at the Sovereign Grace Church (Iglesia Gracia Soberana-Jaurez) led by Carlos Contreras. I’m eager for you to hear about some of the highlights that reveal God’s activity in Mexico. And as you read these updates let us give God all...

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The Cooks Transition to Florida

Sovereign Grace Music seeks to provide Christ-exalting songs and training for the local church. We’ve been doing that now for over thirty years. While many people have contributed to our songs, albums, seminars, and conferences during that time, few have made as significant an impact as Steve Cook. Since the late 80s, Steve has produced over 25 albums for Sovereign ...

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5 Things You Should Know About Our Upcoming Thrive Conference


Thrive is our Northeast region’s new annual conference, and I am thrilled to tell you all about it. After you read all about it, be sure to check out the video our team put together at the bottom of this post.   1) Who is it for? Thrive is for college students, singles of all ages, young marrieds, and even seniors in high school. 2) When is it? Thrive will be...

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Check Out Our New Website

Home page 309

Over the last several months the Sovereign Grace Leadership Team has been at work redesigning our new website. Our desire has been to serve you by looking to create a website that is more user-friendly, easy to navigate, and captures the doctrine, values, and mission we share as Sovereign Grace Churches. One of our goals with this website is to highlight the people in our...

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Meet Our Regional Leaders: Jim Cannon

Meet Our Regional Leaders BPFI

Several months ago, we did a series on this blog entitled “Meet Our Regional Leaders.” According to our polity, our family of churches is organized into geographic regions. These regions are led by Regional Leaders, who you’ve been introduced to through this blog series. Recently, Sovereign Grace has had some encouraging developments. One of the many goo...

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