"Think Again" by Jared Mellinger


Have you ever spent most of a day thinking about yourself? I'm sure that I have. Of course, the train of my thoughts circled across miles and miles of mental track. I'd think about sins I committed. I would wonder what cravings were behind them. Then I'd think about what other people thought of me. Then I'd wonder what effect their negative thoughts would have on our relationship. Then I'd replay a recent conversation over and over again in my head, wondering how I could have been funnier, smarter, cooler, wiser. On and on the trail would roll.

But really the track just went around in a circle and in the middle of that circle was ... me. Sometimes I was discouraged, sometimes I was proud, sometimes I was anxious, sometimes I was confused, but the center of it all was more thoughts about me.

Perhaps you've had some moments or days, or even a lifetime, rolling around the same circular track. Of course, some thoughts about ourselves, and even dedicated time thinking about ourselves, is a good thing—but as Christians, our mental track is meant to roll around someone else—Jesus Christ. But how do we switch tracks so that our thoughts find their center in Him?

This is where Jared Mellinger's new book, Think Again: Relief From the Burden of Introspection is so incredibly valuable. Jared speaks from personal experience and with Biblical insight, creativity, humility, and wisdom. He guides us away from a self-centered mental train to a Christ-centered one. Jared is not afraid of healthy self-evaluation, but he is determined to make the gospel the focus and priority of his thinking. The book is descriptive (painfully so!) of the way that most of us find ways to keep thinking about ourselves and avoid focusing on Jesus Christ. Jared knows well that self-pity and self-exaltation are often simply two sides of the same coin, willing to flip back and forth and never fix the spotlight on Jesus Christ—Lord, Savior, Shepherd, Judge, and King.

This book helps you focus more on the glory of Jesus Christ. It helps you track conviction through to the culminating joy of forgiveness. It reminds you that your weaknesses are meant to guide you to boasting about His strength. It points out the gifts God has given in community, creation, and most importantly, the gospel, to lead you way from self-worship. It helps you to distinguish between healthy self-examination and all consuming introspection. It will insist that you center your thoughts on Jesus.

Thanks, Jared, for writing this for all of us! Thanks for helping us think more about Jesus Christ. Now, on to thinking more about Him.