2017 Mission Video #2: Croatia


Mario and Jen Vucenovic were sent from Christ Community Church in August 2016 to plant a church in Croatia, where Mario grew up, and where he and Jen first met.

Mario's story is one of marinating his life and his family's life in the gospel and our local church amongst precious people. By being around these saints in our church, the fire to plant a church to Croatia was birthed. Please take the time to watch the 2nd quarter Mission Fund video from Sovereign Grace where Mario shares his heart for Croatia and their hopes for church planting in their native country. You can also read about their wonderful story here.

In addition to Mario and Jen, another couple from Christ Community, Daniel and Kaitlyn Crocker, are planning to leave this summer for Croatia to be long term missionaries and part of the church planting team. It is wonderful to see the Lord working in their lives, and in the life of our local church in Reading, PA. The people of Christ Community Church are such a wonderful group of Christians. I am so thankful that my wife, Shannon, and I and our kids get to serve Christ alongside them.

The story of this church plant going forth to Croatia is a story of the people of this church who faithfully serve Christ within the life of our local church week in and week out. I wish I could bring you all here to meet them. When I think of them, I think of Psalm 16 where David says of the saints in the land, "... they are the glorious ones in whom is all my delight." The photo accompanying this blog post is from our 15-year anniversary. I wanted you to see them!

The story of this church plant is also a story of our partnership in the gospel in our ecclesiastical union called Sovereign Grace Churches. Being part of Sovereign Grace means Christians are discipled, raised up and sent out for the mission to tell others about Jesus and his great sacrifice on the cross and resurrection from the dead! Our partnership gives us the opportunity to do this together--we get to see more local churches planted and established so that others can be transformed by Jesus the way we have been. May God encourage our hearts and fill us with a fresh vision for this purpose and our partnership. We can do more together than alone!

The goal is for the Sovereign Grace Church in Croatia to officially plant in fall of 2017. If that comes to pass, that would mean the Croatia church can trace its lineage back to the very beginning of our family of churches' history. From Gaithersburg, MD in 1977, that planted the church in Glen Mills, PA, that planted the church in Marlton, NJ, that planted the church in Reading, PA, that planted the church in the nation of Croatia. Five generations of church plants over exactly 40 years. Great is Thy Faithfulness Lord! And dear brothers and sisters of Sovereign Grace, this is our happy story and history. Our God has been faithful to us and will always be faithful. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, and consider Him, that we might not grow weary and faint-hearted. And may we never tire of telling the story of our great Jesus who loved us and gave Himself for us, so that the lost around the world are reached for the glory of His name!!"

So watch this video and keep this in mind: our faithfulness to follow Christ together through the years is making a difference in the worldwide expansion of the gospel so that our vision remains strong and we run even harder side by side for Jesus.