Holy Week Resources


For us, as Christians, this week is unique because it provides us an opportunity to reflect again on the substitutionary death of Christ on our behalf, and on his victorious resurrection 3 days later. While these glorious truths are timeless, they will only affect and shape us if we take time to look deeply at Calvary and the empty tomb again. My friend, Jeff Purswell, wrote a blog post about resources that can help you to see and marvel at the glory of our Redeemer and His finished work in the gospel. Of course, these aren’t limited to Holy Week but may this post aid you in your heart preparation for the next several days and then beyond. His post is on his local church website can be found here.

Mark Prater is the Executive Director for Sovereign Grace and serves as an elder at Covenant Fellowship Church. He and his wife, Jill, have three married daughters and a growing number of grandchildren.