Sharing Christ: One Neighborhood at a Time


Christ Church of South Philly’s building was brimming, wall to wall, with food. The story behind why is incredible and also a direct reflection of the partnership we share as Sovereign Grace Churches.

For the second year in a row, we have used our building to serve Easter Outreach. Easter Outreach is a collaborative effort of over 40 churches in Philadelphia to pull resources together to buy, package and deliver meals to those in need within our neighborhoods. This year over 6,000 meals are being distributed to people throughout Philadelphia. That’s 6,000 households who will experience God’s love in a tangible way, receive prayer and an invitation to an Easter service near them where they can hear the gospel.

Christ Church is not only privileged to participate in this city-wide project but to function as the distribution hub, storing all the food in our building. This is one of the wonderful aspects of having a “used to be warehouse” be the home base for Christ Church. God has uniquely positioned us to serve in some pretty unexpected ways.

This past Saturday, people from over 40 churches visited our building to pick up their allotted meals and bring them back to their neighborhoods. Tonight, we are holding a joint communion service where I'll share the gospel and then pray for the event. Then on Saturday, the day before Easter, each church is delivering all 6,000 meals to those in our neighborhoods.

 But here’s what makes this all extra special, Philadelphia is a city where less than 7% of the population is Christian, and historically the church is divided. So, what is happening through Easter Outreach is an unusual expression of gospel unity in Philadelphia.

When Jesus prayed in John 17:20-21 that his church would be unified as a testimony to the world of the truth of the gospel, I have to think it is events like these that he had in mind. I love telling the story to the churches participating with us that the only reason we even have this building is in large part due to the generosity of our family of churches within Sovereign Grace. When we planted Christ Church just three years ago, there were sacrificial investments of money, time, church supplies and prayers from so many within our family of churches.

 This story is a direct reflection of our shared partnership for the gospel together! Your partnership through Sovereign Grace Churches is blessing Philadelphians with not just a meal, but the love of Christ this Easter. There is no one I'd rather be on mission with than you all!

Jeff Boettcher (@Pastor_Jeff) is a pastor at Christ Church South Philly. He and his wife, Angie, along with their children, live in the Pennsport neighborhood of Philadelphia.