The Sovereign Grace Pastors Conference: A Wife’s Perspective


As a young pastor’s kid, I looked forward to my parents coming back from the annual Sovereign Grace Pastors Conference  I loved hearing about who they saw and talked to, and what God was doing in churches around the world. They always seemed refreshed and infused with a renewed sense of faith and peace.

Now that I’m a pastor’s wife myself, I have had the privilege of benefitting so much from these conferences over the years. I truly believe these events have a cumulative effect on my life. There is something unexplainable that happens when like-minded pastors and their wives gather to worship the Savior together and receive from his word. I have said many times that it is like going to an extended family reunion. Whether I’m missing messages because I’m in the nursing mom’s room or talking to someone in the hall or hearing a prophetic word or impacted by the word in a sermon, the Lord always meets me. I have left encouraged in my soul, and with my faith built as I return to serve my husband, family and local church.

These are a few of the benefits I have experienced in my life:

  • The Pastor’s Conference lifts my eyes to my Lord. Often I can be busy with serving and tasks, and this can often be a moment for me simply to receive personal care from the Savior. He uses many different means from within the conference—conversations with people that lingered in my heart and blessed me or crying through entire messages as the Holy Spirit brought the word to bear on my soul.
  • It opens my eyes beyond my little sphere to all the wondrous things God is doing in churches all over the country and the world! This excites me so much, and builds my faith! I know better how to pray effectively, and it gives me a sense of true gospel-partnership. It humbles and inspires me to see faithful, sacrificial men and women (my brothers and sisters!), leaving homes and planting churches. It provokes me to hear challenges others are facing that I can’t relate to. It moves me to tears to hear stories of the gospel going forward in hearts, both down the street and across the ocean. I love that, in a small way, I am a part of the big picture of what God is accomplishing through the preaching of his word.
  • It creates a context for fellowship and camaraderie with fellow pastors and wives. I have dear friends I can’t wait to see every year! I also love meeting new people and establishing new connections and hearing their unique stories. I love having friends all over the world and that we are serving the Lord together. I might not be in Germany or Australia or Boston, but I have met people serving those areas, and I can pray for them and carry them on my heart. It is so special to me to have dear friends that know us, love us and care for us. Some of the sweetest memories have been prayers and conversations over a meal at these conferences. I feel so very rich indeed.
  • The conference has also benefitted my marriage. Attending together has given us shared memories and sweet fellowship; we discuss the messages and what God is doing in our lives—undistracted by kids or the busyness of life at home. It can foster unity and affection as we hang out together the whole conference!
  • I also love worshiping side by side with my husband. Being in the season of little ones, it’s not often I can worship undistracted next to him, without being pulled on by little hands or needs. I so enjoy seeing the Lord refresh him and meet him as well. So often, our husbands are the givers, the rocks of the church. I love when he can simply absorb and rest and receive from his Shepherd.

I am so grateful that we are functioning in partnership with other churches and people. I can’t imagine doing this alone! I thank God that my husband has men in his life, friends that are next to him on the front lines, with the same heartbeat of the gospel resonating within them as they seek to preach the Word. And I, too, have women I can look to for encouragement and wisdom. We are so very blessed. I’m already looking forward to this fall!

If you haven't attended the Pastors Conference for awhile, or have never attended, please consider coming this year. I know God will meet you and strengthen your soul.