“Respect the Image” Book Review

by Jan 30, 2020Book Review0 comments

On an average year, I read between forty and sixty books.  Usually, there are one or two of those books that go on my “Reread” list.  These are the books that were so meaningful and well written, that  I want there teaching and training to inform a later season in my walk with God. Tim Shorey’s Respect the Image is one such book.

Tim writes with a unique style and a winsome quality that makes reading enjoyable.  I’m not sure it would matter the topic to draw the reader in, but focusing on “reflecting human worth in how we listen and talk” is a fascinating topic in a cultural moment where many are running in opposite directions when it comes to political, social, and racial debates.   Tim’s pastoral experience of planting a multi-ethnic church give an add a layer of the necessity, urgency, and wisdom of followers of Christ learn how to listen well.  Hard and awkward conversations are necessary if we are going to love others the way Christ did.

Tim Shorey takes us by the hand to center us on the Gospel and then clarifies how the Gospel informs every part of the communication process in all spheres of life and relationship.  His chapter by chapter acrostic of C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-E slows you down to consider many of the complex dynamics that go into conversations, but also the joyful privilege of never speaking with a mere mortal.

The book ends with an Appendix called “G.R.A.C.E and Race Conversations:  Guidelines for Difficult Group Discussions.”  Simply put: It is a goldmine.  Our church has already used these guidelines in our own racial reconciliation work in Charleston, SC.

Respect The Image will serve my church family and I think it will benefit yours as well.  Put it on your list to read and then put it on your list to re-read.

Mike Seaver and his family were sent to the Summerville, SC area in 2011 to help plant Risen Hope Church. As Lead Pastor, he is responsible for the majority of preaching/teaching, envisioning, and leadership development.