Worship Matters Intensive

The Worship Matters Intensive is a 5-day workshop designed to equip and strengthen individuals who lead music in the church. The program is led by Bob Kauflin, hosted in Louisville, KY, and open to leaders outside our denomination.

Participants are encouraged to cultivate strong and clear theological categories for worship. They are also provided opportunities for hand-on practice and feedback. The intimate setting and the mix of skill levels and backgrounds encourages everyone to grow as they seek to serve their local churches.

I’ve been benefiting from Bob’s ministry and leadership for many years now. I’ve read his books and blog posts, and have attended most of the WorshipGod conferences. They have each had an effect on my life and worship ministry, but nothing comes close to what I received from the WMI classes and fellowship. The unhurried, personal interaction with Bob, the opportunity to observe others’ leading and review, the times of worshiping the Lord together through song, the feedback provided about my own leadership; each have been rich investments into my life and ministry. And I’m sure I don’t even know just how greatly this week has impacted me.

Worship Leader For Over 16 Years

“When I came to the Worship Matters Intensive I had 20 years of experience leading worship in song, had attended the Pastors College, worked firsthand with Bob Kauflin in the Pastors College, read his books, taught his books to my team, attended multiple WorshipGod conferences, etc. However, as helpful as all that was, none of it had as much of an impact on my worship leadership as the Intensive.

By God’s grace, I trust my leadership is clearer, more focused, less burdensome to me and others, more integrated into “liturgy”, more in sync with pastoral burdens, and includes more Scripture and better gospel flow. The Intensive made me all the more thankful for Sovereign Grace and our partnership. There are so many benefits! To name a few: the personal, focused interactions with Bob and other worship leaders and being able to lead and be evaluated in that context, (and participating in that process for others) was always done in light of the gospel and the bigger picture.

From the inexperienced worship leader to the most experienced worship leader, pastors need to send their worship leaders to a Worship Matters Intensive. Being equipped and refined in this context is a significant way worship leaders can make a pastor’s job a joy and not a burden and cause their efforts to become a greater advantage for their church.”

Worship Leader For 20 years